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Yulara is music for all Chakras

Info "best of"

It has been said of Yulara´s fascinating mosaics that one doesn´t simply listen, but dissect while exploring a realm where the higher concerns of the soul blend into likable grooves and melodies. Over the course of three bestselling recordings over the past decade, the German based, global and spiritual minded duo - keyboardist Robert Matt and flutist/saxophonist Annie Hilsberg - have created a dynamic, globetrotting experience blending seductive acid jazz and trip-hop grooves, silky pop-jazz melodies and exotic percussion. Their unique and hypnotic travelogue is joyfully enhanced by samples of vocal and instrumental snapshots (from Tibetan Monks to Aborigines to whale calls) from around the world. Matt and Hilsberg were musically educated in both Germany and America, but returned to their native Berlin in the early 1990s where they found on-going inspiration in it´s vibrant, evolving music scene.

Yulara´s fourth release, Livin`in Peace, is a 15- track celebration of the duo´s ongoing legacy and never ending synthesis of sounds, with key selections from All is One (their 1994 debut), Cosmic tree ( 1998) and Future tribe (2000 including Flying high featuring smooth jazz guitaris Brian Hughes), in addition to two brand new compositions, „City of joy“ and the title track.

Info "future tribe":

Lie down. Close your eyes. And groove. With Yulara, you can expect to hear hypnotic soundscapes. Inspired by global cultures and musicians, saxophone and flute player Annie Hilsberg, and keyboard player/singer-songwriter and producer Robert Matt, have created their own mixture of groove-jazz, world music and trance-dance. Both Berlin-based musicians have been collaborating since 1992. "We think of our music as trying to build bridges, not only between musical styles, but also to the higher self within," says Annie. Robert echoes this calling: "There's a hut for everyone."

After years of musical training in Germany and the United States, Annie and Robert began producing their own unique sound. Some have described it as a blending of jazz, world, dance music and nature sounds, blended into an organic fusion. Take any cut. You may hear the sounds of birds, seals, chanting monks from Kyoto or aborigines from Queensland. Their collaboraton has developed a following that includes notable musicians and music critics, such as Angelique Kidjo, Brian Hughes, Gil Mellé and Billy Cobham.

Yulara's first album, "All is One", was released in 1994 by Sony Music in Germany. Within two years, Higher Octave Records brought Yulara's soulful sound to fans in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland and Mexico. By 1998, with the release of their second album, "Cosmic Tree", the music took off in 25 countries. It's unique sound gives appreciation to their cooperative efforts with musicians from around the globe.

Their 3rd CD "Future Tribe" features Angelique Kidjo, Brian Hughes, Cusco, among others. It was released in the United States on Oct.24, 2000.

"flyin´ high" was the first single release and entered the top ten of the US NAC smooth jazz charts (Radiocharts - highest rank : No 8 in march 2001). More than 200 stations across the US played the song over 50,000 times over the last 6 month.

In May 2001, Robert and Annie concluded their first U.S. tour to New Orleans, Cleveland, Tampa and Miami, where they where opening the JVC Jazzfestival.

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